Habitat Hollows with new drilling technique

A man in high visibility protective clothing is drilling into a tree trunk to create a habitat hollow.

If you’re interested in creating habitat and breeding hollows on your property and have been thinking about nest boxes or creating hollows using a chainsaw, have a look at this ABC News story about fast tracking the creation of tree hollows for wildlife using a purpose-built drill. We’ll share more information about this technique in future newsletters.

Also, During Science week Dr Susan Rhind gave a great presentation on the science of nest boxes. If you missed it you can still watch the video which has been shared by Bournda Environmental Education Centre here.

Dr Rhind’s notes on how to make a good nest box are also available on the Bournda EEC website and include details about box design, construction, attachment in the tree and ideal placement in the landscape. You can read these notes here.

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