Brogo Local Link

Brogo day

24 June 2007. The sun beamed down on a group of Brogo residents last Sunday as they shared ideas and challenges about their native vegetation. The day hosted by Will and Anni Hughes who live along Warrigal Range Rd. The aim of this ‘Local Link’ was for facilitators of the CMN, Dan and Vickie Williamson, to understand the needs of Brogo residents who are managing native vegetation on their land. Those who came along listed their aims and experience and the info gathered has been shared back with the group in the form of a spreadsheet. This can be used as a tool to find neighbours who may be able to help with skills, past experience or just the same enthusiasm for similar native vegetation projects. Some of the aims of Brogo residents include:

  • Supporting rare species
  • Providing habitat for fauna
  • Managing climate change impacts
  • Managing weeds in native vegetation
  • Erosion control from roads and cleared land
  • Providing firewood and fence posts
  • Managing impacts from cattle and horses

The responses showed there is a wealth of experience in this group which will be invaluable in supporting one another. If you’re a Brogo resident and would like to link with others who are managing native vegetation by adding your details to the growing list, please contact Ali Rodway on 6491 7824 or email us.