Post-Fire Recovery

Plants and fire post 2019/20 Australian bushfires

Giving Bushland a Chance to Recover After Wildfires – from the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators News 143

After the Fires – A Virtual Field Day in Quaama with Jackie Miles

Botanist Jackie Miles at Dry River in Quaama NSWJoin botanist Jackie Miles for a virtual walk along Dry River in Quaama six months after fire swept through the area on New Years Eve 2019. Find out what plants are coming back in the riparian forest and how different plants respond to fire with this series of 3 videos created by the CMN in place of our regular workshops and field days:

  1. Native Tree Response to Fire in Dry River, Quaama (9 mins)
  2. Native Groundcover and Understorey Response to Fire (12 mins)
  3. Weeds’ Response to Fire (9 mins)