Seed Collection

Native seed collection workshop, 17 November 2007. Growing your own native plants for revegetation works on your property can be rewarding and save you money. Native seed collecting was part one in the “grow your own” series of workshops.

Around 12 people attended the workshop presented by Jack Morse, coordinator of the Far South Coast Seedbank. Jock started with introducing some of the concepts and theories behind native seed collection including harvest techniques, equipment, OH&S, accurate recording and storage of seed. Most of the day however was spent hands on in the field collecting seed. These were broken into two sessions, native grass then tree and shrub collection. After each session everyone helped extract, sort and identify the seed.

There are a number of resources which might help if you are interested in native seed collection including the workshop notes from the day. See link below to download the notes.

Other resources

Native Seed Collection Workshop – Field Notes

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Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed – For Revegetation, Tree Planting and Direct Seeding. Author, Murray Ralph, 2003

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