Candelo District Local Link

Candelo day

2 Sept 2007. The Candelo District Local Link was held next to the Kameruka Cricket Oval on a glorious early spring day. Around 30 residents from the local area attended, most of which seemed to know each other however there were a few new faces and they were glad to meet like-minded neighbours.

The CMN arranged the Local Link for residents to share their experience in managing native vegetation on their properties. The day was also an opportunity for the CMN to find ways to support the specific native vegetation needs in the Candelo area.

Those who came along listed their aims and experience which will now be collated and shared with the group. While there were different ideas on managing native vegetation, it was valuable to hear the diverse methods as landholders may want different outcomes from their property.

One of the ways the CMN can support Candelo residents is by providing information on species identification and funding opportunities.

The CMN provided a delicious lunch to those who came along on the day.

If you’re a Candelo district resident and would like to link with others who are managing native vegetation by adding your details to the growing list, please contact Ali Rodway on 6491 7824 or email us.