Protect TSR’s from Illegal Firewood Collection

Angophora floribunda - Rough-barked appleWith the cooler weather hitting NSW, Local Land Services is reminding people that it is illegal to collect firewood from Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs). Anyone removing timber or disturbing vegetation (alive or dead) from a TSR can be fined up to $5,500 under the Local Land Services Act 2013.

These rules help protect the integrity of the network of Travelling Stock Reserves which is recognised as an asset of state significance with agricultural, social, cultural and ecological values.

TSRs are an extremely important refuge for many rare and endangered native plants and fallen logs and standing dead wood can be part of their habitat. Decaying timber and leaf litter are also important in the process of nutrient recycling back into the soil.

Members of the public are asked to report any illegal activity on TSRs such as removing firewood, dumping rubbish or four wheel driving to Local Land Services on 1300 795 299, or to contact NSW Police on 131 444. Taking note of registration numbers, descriptions, locations and dates also provides valuable information that can assist in the prosecution of offenders.

While firewood collection is not permitted on TSRs, members of the public can apply for a permit to collect firewood from selected state forests. Contact 1300 655 687 for details or visit for further details.

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