Weed Focus – Stinking Roger

Stinking Roger or Tagetes minuta in flower

Stinking Roger (Tagetes minuta) Photo: J Miles & M Campbell

Stinking Roger has had a great season so far this year. It has clearly taken advantage of bare ground created by drought and fire, followed by the little bit of rain we’ve had since January. You’ll recognise this weed by its pungent ‘marigold’ smell.

Best controls are hand pulling before flowering aimed at reducing the seed bank left in the soil. This will require follow up every season.

If plants have already flowered and formed seed, cut and bag heads for burning or solarising in plastic to kill the seed.

If the areas are too big to hand pull, an application of a broadleaf selective herbicide can be used. Visit your local agricultural supplier for advice.

As always, encouraging pasture growth to minimise bare ground will help reduce the incidence of common weeds like this.

For more information and photos visit this feature on the Atlas of Life.

Thanks to Jamie Dixon-Keay from BVSC for information and to landholders who asked for advice on control methods.

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