Update from Biosecurity Team at LLS

A man holding a 9kg European Carp in his armsHere are some highlights of the work being undertaken by the Far South Coast Biosecurity Team at Local Land Services:

Upcoming ‘Feral Fighters’ Training
The next Vertebrate Pesticide Training which aims to enable landholders to manage pest animals will be held in Cooma on the 12 November 2019 and in Bega on 24 January 2020. For more information or to book into one of these, contact the Bega LLS Office on 6491 7800.

Deer Report
A report has been finalised on the Far South Coast Deer Monitoring Program 2018/19. The aim of the program is to build strong foundations for deer management at the local level as part of a long term strategic plan. Prior to this project being undertaken, there was minimal information detailing practical deer control efforts or techniques that were suitable for the unique FSC Local Area environment.

The FSC Deer Monitoring Program 2018/19 was effective in identifying deer populations, impacts on primary assets, effective monitoring and control techniques and landholder views on deer control.

The information gathered from the FSC Deer Monitoring Program 2018/19 will be used by land managers in the development of Local Pest Plans and effective operational deer control plans throughout the South East Region.

As highlighted in the recommendations of this report there are particular monitoring and control options that are more suitable for the FSC Local Area than others. The program findings will also help form a baseline to measure the effectiveness of future deer programs along with the implementation of proven control techniques across the South East.

If you’d like to read this report you can access it here.

South East LLS has submitted an application for funding through the Recreational Fishers Trust to establish the extent of the issue of European (common) Carp within the Bega River. We will keep you updated with the results of this application. The 9kg European Carp pictured above was caught recently in a lagoon adjacent to the Bega River.

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