Aussie Backyard Bird Count

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater by Julie Morgan

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is back from 21-27 October 2019. This is a great way to connect with the birds in your area and to contribute to BirdLife Australia’s knowledge of Australian Birds, no matter where your backyard might be — whether it’s a suburban backyard, a local park, a patch of forest, a farm, down by the beach, or the main street of town.

All you need to take part is 20 minutes and your favourite outdoor space. Head to the website and register for the Bird Count today. If you’re a teacher, check out the Bird Count curriculum-based lesson plans to get your students (or the whole school!) involved.

If you have questions about the Aussie Backyard Bird Count, please head to the FAQ page, where you’ll find more information about registering, participating, and troubleshooting.

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