Bemboka Lowland Grassy Woodland Field Day

Burn at Bemboka Reserve

Early Spring Burn at Bemboka Reserve 2017

Bemboka River Reserve is a beautiful remnant of Lowland Grassy Woodland, once widespread across the Bega Valley Shire and now an Endangered Ecological Community.

Fire is one of the key management tools being used in the reserve, with an area burnt in early Spring this year. A CMN field day with botanist Jackie Miles on Saturday 25 November 2017 will look at the use of fire in Lowland Grassy Woodlands, see the results of burning at the reserve, identify plants in this community, and show how you can monitor your own grassy woodland remnants.

The reserve also provides significant habitat for local fauna. We are fortunate to have Sarah Pizzey coming along to talk about bird life at the reserve and identify species we hear and see on the day, and ecologist Andrew Morrison to highlight important habitat features for fauna in Lowland Grassy Woodlands.

For more information and bookings contact Ali Rodway at or 0417 246 896.

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