‘Catching’ Nocturnal Mammals with Infra-Red Cameras – Andrew Claridge talk

Spotted-tailed quoll

Spotted-tailed quoll, Photo: Brian O’Leary

Dr Andrew Claridge has been undertaking wildlife research for 30 years, focusing on quolls and other nocturnal animals such as potoroos and bandicoots. Andrew is a Senior Research Scientist at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and on Thursday 8 June at 2pm he will talk about his work using infra-red cameras to study quolls and show some of the remarkable footage he has gathered over this time. Andrew will also highlight the value of citizen scientists in field research using examples of how this could make a real difference in our area.

The talk is free, organised by the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness and will take place at the Local Land Services Office in Bega (northern end of the rooftop carpark in the Woolworths complex).

Some of you will have used infra-red cameras as part of the Potoroo Project here on the Far South Coast, helping to identify where they are living and monitoring the impact of fox control. These cameras can show us what is going on in the night on our land and can help us make more informed management decisions. Let me know if you’re interested in borrowing an infra-red camera by emailing me at info@fsccmn.com.

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