Woodlot Field Day – planning for future firewood & timber needs

John Coman with one of his farm forestry plots

John Coman with one of his farm forestry plots

If you’d like to plan how to meet your future timber and firewood needs without negative impacts on our forests and grassy woodlands, or if you’ve already embarked on this process and have experiences to share, join us for a CMN field day on Friday 5 May, 9.30am – 1pm in Tantawangalo with landholder John Coman.

John and Rosalie Coman had a vision of getting trees back onto their family’s extensively cleared land in Tantawangalo. John joined the Farm Forestry project in the 1990’s and has since planted around 27,000 trees, fenced off remnants for regeneration and trialled direct seeding with a view to providing habitat, firewood, fence posts, fine timber, corridors, shade, shelter belts and beauty. Come and hear about why John embarked on this journey, what worked well and what lessons he’s learnt.

This is a free field day with morning tea provided. Please book by contacting Ali Rodway on 0417 246 896 or emailing info@fsccmn.com. Details and directions provided on booking.

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